Snell Packaging and Safety

Snell exists to bring you the best. Regardless of your role as a supplier, customer or employee we exist to bring the best during every stage of our interaction

As a New Zealand based and family owned business we are large enough to operate in the global marketplace, yet small enough to personalise our engagement with customers, employees, and suppliers. Our local operators work with the best local suppliers to bring you high quality products, while our international sourcing team import international goods where appropriate. On top of this our sales team have consistently been rated as the most professional, yet personable, team in the industry.   Operating across many markets Snell's product range exceeds 20,000 SKUs, with more being added everyday. We work with 140 suppliers and operate a nationwide distribution network. Snell have been doing this work for over 40 years, and during that time our customer base has expanded to 2,500 separate accounts. We sell industrial packaging and safety and we exist to bring you the best.

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