Q2 Ltd

Q2’s goal is to help NZ business owners succeed – to achieve real mind freedom, time freedom and financial freedom. Q2 Ltd are chartered accountants who work with SME business owners to execute the important business activities effectively and affordably. Q2 business services include:

  • Strategy Execution
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Compliance & Tax

Q2 is for businesses wanting more than just accounting services and tax advice. It’s for business owners who want help to:

  • Develop business strategy
  • Define business goals & tactics
  • Continually improve their numbers/KPIs
  • Make smart financial / business decisions

Visit our website for more information: www.q2.net.nz Q2 also offer a free first meeting - call 09 222 4448 to book an appointment or email: info@q2.net.nz

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Ann Cooper-Smith
09 222 4448