Established in 1965, NZCU Auckland has been providing finance and banking services to the people of Auckland for 52 years. As a not-for-profit registered Credit Union, it has assisted individuals and community groups in many ways throughout that time.

Credit Unions are co-operatives and not banks. They give the best possible value in financial services to Members while supporting the communities in which they operate. They are owned and controlled by their Members to provide banking, savings, loans and insurance products. They also aim to promote saving, budgeting and the appropriate use of credit. Profits belong to Members - not corporates or overseas shareholders.

Over the years, NZCU Auckland have established strong relationships with employers who see value in supporting their employees to gain higher productivity. One of the barriers to better employee output are problems from home and the highest ranking issue here is finances/budgeting. This is where NZCU Auckland comes in and provides a win/win/win solution.


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