Cooke Industries Limited

From as far back as 1926, when W L Cooke Ltd was formed, Cooke Industries has brought together excellence in design, engineering, products and support in order to offer clients true solutions and services in the Air Handling, Refrigeration, Acoustics, Heating and Air Distribution fields.

Cooke Industries seek to continually develop and improve the design, capability and performance of the products and services delivered to our partners and end users to ensure our customers' benefit directly through overall cost efficiency (TCO), functionality, performance and longevity.

The Cooke design team of highly qualified professionals are trained to ensure we deliver to meet the client's needs, and support their partners to deliver successful projects. To this end we have recently restructured our business to create a closer relationship with our consulting and contractor partners, and to understand their business criteria and deliver accordingly.

In a competitive market, where providing the best in design, build quality and performance is imperative, Cooke Industries are the logical choice.

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