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We are the agents for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for both Lucaffe and LaPiccola.

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We stock the full range of these clever, use anywhere anytime handheld espresso machines. From the Handpresso Wild which is powered by elbow grease through to the Handpresso Auto which runs from the cigarette lighter in your car or on your boat.

We carry the full range of Lucaffe E.S.E. pods. Lucaffe is an artisan coffee roasting company based in Carpenedolo which is a short drive away from beautiful Lake Garda in Northern Italy. Lucaffe was started 17 years ago by Gian Luca Venturelli and now produces more than 4 million E.S.E. paper coffee pods per month of which the majority is shipped to over 45 countries around the world. Gian Luca is a perfectionist who chooses all the green beans personally, oversees the blending and roasting, using only the highest quality green beans and the best equipment money can buy. When the pods are packaged the machines are continually filled with a nitrogen, which means the air cannot mix with the coffee grounds and as a result the pods have an 18 month shelf life. The result is an excellent espresso, fresh every time you open one of these beautiful packets.

Cleaning solutions & filters
Cleaning and flushing your machine on a regular basis is very important in keeping your espresso machine operational and producing excellent coffee. Check out our dedicated cleaning materials and filters, we have a cleaning product available for most espresso machines. We are now pleased to announce that we stock an extensive range of Cafetto products including their latest offering Cafetto@home. The Cafetto@home range is phosphat free, GMO free, biodegradable and registered for organic use.


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