Appliance Warehouse

Appliance Warehouse was founded in Onehunga, Auckland nearly 40 years ago with the single mission to provide Kiwis with beautiful and functional home appliances at affordable prices, with great backing and service.

Appliance Warehouse continuously refines and expands their range, selling a broad selection of appliances including fridges, freezers, stoves, ovens, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers and more.

Extensive experience, combined with excellent product knowledge allows Appliance Warehouse to bring you modern aesthetics and exceptional quality, on a budget.

Their international partners include some of the world’s largest manufacturers with excellent production, research & development and quality control systems. Many of the appliance brands are emerging leaders, enabling Appliance Warehouse to deliver on that quality, without the excessive premiums a label on a box can bring.

Appliance Warehouse is open 6 days a week.


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