Acumen Online

The Acumen Online division was created in March 2012 when a client who already had a high ranking website with a very serious SEO plan in place wanted to generate more revenue online via its Retail, Reseller and trade chanels. It was crucial that if we were going to allow them growth that we had to keep their SEO requirements in tact and that we focused predominatly on improving conversion rather than leads.

Acumen looked at all the available NAV integrated websites and none of them were suitable. None could keep running if the connection to NAV went down. None of them could handle their special shipping needs or their custom Trade Points loyalty program so it was decided that they would build their own.

Hamish Penlington sat down with Jeff and Mike and everyone agreed, if they were going to go to the effort of building it, they were going to make sure that it would work with any backend management system. It took 3 months to plan before a single piece of code was written and once we had compiled a list of all the best features of all current shopping carts. We ensured all features would be compatible with any backend and still provide all the benefits of DotNetNuke, and once we were certain it would work, we began.

Our team has grown and we are now more passionate than ever to provided businesses with an not just an advantage over their competitors but an asset that generates returns and grows with your business needs.


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