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About Decorply New Zealand Limited

Decorply New Zealand Ltd. is an integrated manufacturing and sales decorative surface solutions provider locating at the heart of Penrose, Auckland. We offer an extensive range of next-generation pressed panel products, including timber veneer, acrylic, and high pressure laminate, achieving unique and spectacular visual impacts to kitchen and cabinet makers, Joiners and shop fitters, designers and architects nationwide.

Decorply equipping with the latest computerized manufacturing facilities of Veneer Hot and Cold Press Line, associated with machines of full size panel sanding, veneer trimming, and veneer jointing. On top of that, a fully computerized automated Polyurethane (PUR) hot melt laminate line produces new level of décor acrylic and HPL panels for a fresh look.

Our one of a kind Customization Services taking us one step ahead in the market. Just to name a few here:

Veneer Trimming and Jointing
We provide a wide range of customizable layon options, with the help of its new veneer jointing and trimming machines, in a quality and speedy manner.

Hi Resolution Image Printing on Decorplus™ HPL Panels
Sharp and stunning image of the menu boards, company logos at the reception, memorable photos printed on cabinet door panels.... With the help of special printing technology, we print your designs, photos or anything creative on our Decorplus™ HPL panels, making it a permeant part of your personalized decoration. These images are in high resolution and will remain fresh over a long period of time.

Oversized Panels
Oversized panels are great to reduce visible joints and enable to create extra-large panels when project specifies. They are available in various sizes for our veneer, acrylic and HPL products.

Sourcing Un-Common Veneers or Surfaces
Decorply has a database contains a comprehensive mix of imported and New Zealand native veneer species. We have built solid partnerships with some of the most advanced up-stream supplier and manufacturers in NZ and overseas market for long time.

Choice of Substrates
At Decorply, there are a variety of substrate options available to construct your pressed panels. Plywood and MDF substrates are the most common choices.

Focusing on the local needs, Decorply manufacturing locally and applying more local components, of course, complying NZ standards and certification requirements. We are committed to advancing on the path of eco-sustainability through the management of environmental materials, waste and energy consumptions.

Our veneer products are come from FSC Chain of Custody certified suppliers with traceable and eco-friendly sources. The MDF we use are local produced with E0 grade of formaldehyde emission ensures safe use of our products. DECORPLY is striving to be proactive at reducing waste while working towards a goal of recycling 100% of all recyclable material in the long run.

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