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Owners of SMEs are dedicated to their businesses and generally work incredibly hard but are often short of management expertise outside of their specific technical skills. I started Experience On Tap in 2005 to make a difference in a number of ways. As a:


ü MENTOR – It’s lonely being the boss and having someone to talk to who can see the business from outside is invaluable


ü BUSINESS COACH – It can be difficult to lead change in your business, so an experienced executive who provides an external perspective that is not constrained by internal personalities, processes and practices is crucial to making the process of change successful


ü PROJECT MANAGER – When you are already busy having a senior resource dedicated to meeting the objectives of a key project such as specifying, selecting and implementing a new software system, or finding and relocating to new premises as examples makes for a successful outcome


ü ASSIGNMENTS – The loss of a senior manager, particularly if it is unplanned, can place a strain on any organisation. Experience On Tap has successfully filled management roles in these circumstances and helped to avoid a prolonged crisis.

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